Body temperature is influenced by changes in the environment and physical exertion. Working hard or training outdoors on a hot day has the potential to lead to a dangerous condition called hyperthermia, a condition in which body temperature rises and may lead to injury when the body exceeds 102°F. To avoid this, be sure to watch for the following symptoms.

• Higher than normal heart rate during training.
• Very rapid breathing.
• Heavy sweating, sometimes followed by a decrease in
• Confusion, dizziness or disorientation.
• Pale skin.
• Extreme thirst and dehydration.

If you or someone you know has any of the above symptoms, the following treatments may assist with recovery, otherwise contact emergency services immediately.

• Stop training
• Move to a shaded or air conditioned area
• Remove excess clothing/equipment
• Drink cold beverages
• Put chilled cloth around neck area
• Place entire body in cool water