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Outstanding personal trainer, outstanding individual. Truly appreciate the fitness program Eke has developed and delivers on an ongoing basis for the Mendon Fire Department. He clearly understands our needs as a group, but also believes in variety as no two programs are the same. Eke is not just a valuable resource to the department, he is considered a member of the department. 

As a star rating, Eke is 5 stars!

Mike A., Mendon Firefighter

When I started working out with Eke I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be but he put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Eke is patient and pushes you to a higher level. The first few weeks I didn’t think I would come back but over a year later I come every week looking forward to working out and getting stronger. I feel better and have more energy and I look forward to working out. Eke goes out of his way to make his class fun and productive. Anyone who has him as a trainer or are in one of his classes is fortunate and will exceed your goals.

Ruth B.

For 2 years I have been going to Eke’s classes at the Mendon Fire Department. I’ve never stayed this long with any type of fitness program until working with him. Our group consist of different abilities and age levels. Eke is able to challenge those who need it and also make accommodations. Everyone feels welcomed and respected. His style motivates us to keep coming back.

Robin G., Mendon Firefighter

I have had several Fitness Trainers over the years. Eke by far has been the best trainer , health and fitness coach ever. Those who I have referred to training with Eke have had similar exceptional experiences with him. We all agree he is super fun to train with too.  

Clayton O.

I have been training with Eke in both individual and group training sessions through the fire department for over 10 years. He has created programs for all fitness abilities and is always introducing us to new and challenging fitness routines.  He makes the group workout enjoyable and has the skills and knowledge to tailor specific exercise routines for myself and the other members.

Stephen M., Brighton Fire Chief

Eke is second to none when it comes to personal training. Eke has worked with me diligently to develop an individualized workout routine to fit my personal goals. He has also become a great asset to the Mendon Fire District in helping keep all of our firefighters in shape and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

Ryan W., Mendon Firefighter

Rethink Your Workout

Redefining your training program to develop better movement patterns, improve one or more fitness components and develop necessary motor skills that are associated with daily activities. Our goal is to train you for the game of life, where every day is game day.