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What is Functional Training?


“Functional training” a tremendous popular term we hear personal trainers throw around in any fitness setting, but just like “core training” the concept of functional training or functional fitness is nothing new. In fact, our early ancestors relied on physical endurance, agility, balance, core strength, proprioceptive awareness, neuromuscular coordination, and [...]

What is Functional Training?2021-04-13T20:37:42-04:00

Worldwide survey of Fitness Trends for 2020


For the last 14 years, ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) has circulated an electronic survey to thousands of fitness professionals around the world to determine health and fitness trends for the following year. This survey guides health and fitness programming and training efforts for 2020 and beyond, and as [...]

Worldwide survey of Fitness Trends for 20202021-04-13T20:37:55-04:00

Heart Rate Monitoring and Training


Current technology offers clients many ways to measure their physical activity throughout the week: steps, stairs, calories, and minutes of training. Although these metrics give one an idea of the volume of physical activity one accomplished during the day, heart rate monitoring and training give clients a way to retrospectively [...]

Heart Rate Monitoring and Training2021-04-13T20:38:09-04:00

Indoor Cycling, it’s as easy as riding a bike


Cycling is a great low-impact exercise, but the weather doesn't always cooperate with your ideal workout schedule, and living in upstate NY only gives us a few months of the year to really enjoy outdoor cycling. Indoor Cycling is a smart alternative to riding your bike outdoors, and it's now [...]

Indoor Cycling, it’s as easy as riding a bike2021-04-13T20:38:23-04:00

Benefits of Kettlebell Training


Critics of Kettlebell training simply dismiss it as a passing fad without a true understanding of the historical record and the shared history of Kettlebell training and athletic development. Kettlebell training can be a safe and effective training modality to enhances ones training experience. Used properly, Kettlebells can help accelerate [...]

Benefits of Kettlebell Training2021-04-13T20:38:33-04:00

What is HIIT? (High Intensity Interval Training)


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a training methodology involving intense periods of exercise followed by durations of rest. It typically involves a combination of exercises where you push your heart rate to greater than 85 percent of your maximum capacity followed by a recovery period. Multiple studies have found [...]

What is HIIT? (High Intensity Interval Training)2020-09-09T22:10:22-04:00
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